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Andrew Camarata Net Worth, Age, Family and more



andrew camarata

Andrew Camarata is a famous YouTuber, social media star and businessman who lives in America. andrew camarata age is 37 years old and according to sources, Andrew Camarata Net Worth is to be $ 6.5 million dollar.

In addition we have updated this article and this article is about famous American youtuber Andrew Camarata, the reader will surely enjoys, we have covers all the detail and information related to Andrew. If you want to know about andrew camarata net worth, age, wiki, family detail and more, then you should read this article till the end.

Andrew Camarata Biography

Andrew is an expert in mechanism and craftsmanship. He evens owns a company named Camarata property maintenance, which work on the renovating and excavating properties.

Andrew Camarata Age & Early Life

Andrew was born on 12 November 1985 in Saugerties, New York, America. In his childhood, he spend his much time after the school with his family members and lives in Hudson valley New York, United States. He was born in an American family, he also like to spend his time with his father.

Andrew Camarata Education

Andrew is a sharp student at the young age, he has completed his school days from his local hometown school and he enrolled himself in a private college to complete his bachelor graduation degree, after that he has joined a community college to complete his degree in computer technology.

Andrew Camarata Career

Andrew from his childhood like to follow his father, as his father work as mechanic and craftsmen. So andrew used to followed and he is well known mechanic and craftsmen in his community.

His father also trained him in his young age that how to repair or fix the engines. Not only this but his father also trained him to repair heavy duty machineries and keep excavation tool running. Andrew gained knowledge of machinery from his father and he also gives credit to him a lot for this expertise.

Andrew Camarata Merchandise

If we talk andrew camarata merchandise as a business owner, he specializes in property and maintenance business in a town called Ulster County New York. Andrew Carmata started his own company in 2009 and named it as camarata property maintenance. He did it successfully with the help of his father this company work as a startup best in the New York and dealt with renovating and excavating properties.

He started his business with the small assignment and letter he worked with projects including land grading, lawn mowing, and building of drainage and drive ways. After sometime he get experienced and started with the big projects of renovating and excavating properties. With the hard efforts Andrew business stated gaining recognition locally. Andrew started sharing their videos over various social media platforms, including Facebook and YouTube.

Andrew Camarata Latest Videos

Andrew also started his YouTube channel andrew camarata latest videos which turned out to be millions of viewers, he started shared a low resolution videos over his YouTube channel. His talents made him so popular over the YouTube and he listed the top earning YouTube in America. Today he is one of the best hardworking and talented YouTubers, he specifically targeted in his life following the passion and that makes and led to him as a successful person. The channel that he started bagged more than 1 million subscribers.

Moreover the earnings are high for Andrew through owns a merchandise store that sells hoodies, tees, sweats and other house hold items. His production company works including building a bridge, moving a building, and property maintained work which also boost his incomes higher.

Andrew Camarata Net Worth

As per sources andrew camarata net worth is estimated to $6.5 million dollar. He generates a good amount of income from merchandise, YouTube and his business. But the primary source of income he earns from his property maintenance business and his YouTube channel.

In addition his videos on YouTube channel hits over more than 8 million views, approx he is generating more than $35000 per month from his YouTube channel.

he listed the top earning YouTube in America. The other sources of earning he generates through owns a merchandise store that sells hoodies, tees, sweats and other house hold items. His production company works including building a bridge, moving a building, and property maintained work which also boost andrew camarata net worth up to higher.

Andrew Camarata Family

Let us know more about andrew camarata family detail. andrew camarata father name is Andy Camarata and andrew camarata mother name is Susan Camarata.

However andrew father also work as mechanic and craftsmen. But his profession was a mail carrier for the IS post office. Andrew siblings detail are also mentioned.

Andrew Camarata Sister

andrew camarata sister name is Chelsea and his brother detail is not known.

Andrew Camarata Personal Life And Relationship

According to the sources, now a day’s Andrew is dating to his girlfriend, andrew camarata girlfriend name is Samantha Weber she is an Youtuber. In an interview Andrew reveal that the rumors of spreading in Samantha build andrew camarata castle but Andrew never said anything about these allegations in an interview.

Is Andrew Camarata Married

Many people questioning about that is andrew camarata married but andrew camarata marital status is unmarried and many of the people also believe that he is married to someone but all rumors about Andrew marital status is wrong there is no one  andrew camarata wife.

Andrew Camarata Height

As we all know that Andrew was born on 12 November 1985, andrew camarata height is 168 cm and andrew camarata height in feet is 5 feet 11 inches. His body weight weighs 85 kgs. He has blonde hair which makes him more charming and handsome.

Where Does Andrew Camarata Live

Many of you are eager to know that where does andrew camarata live, As per detail we have received, Andrew birthplace was in Hudson valley, New York, United States.

andrew camarata house is in Hudson valley and andrew camarata house location is also in Hudson valley New York, United States. Currently andrew camarata location is inHudson valley, New York, United States.

His followers also request to make video on andrew camarata house tour & camarata castle

Home TownHudson Valley,New York, USA
Current ResidenceHudson Valley,New York, USA
Contact InfoNot Known
Email IDNot Known

Andrew Camarata Social Media

andrew camarata has various social media platforms. He is available on Youtube, Instagram and many other more platforms. andrew camarata website is based on the sale of production products like hoodies, tees, sweats and other house hold items and many more.

People Also Ask – Andrew Camarata

What is the age of andrew camarata?

andrew camarata age is 37 years, he was born on 12 November 1985 in Saugerties, New York, America.

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