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Allan Mueses Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Family and More



allan mueses

Allan Mueses is a professional realtor from the Dominican republic and as on 2023 he is 31 year old.

Who is allan mueses

Allan Mueses is a professional realtor from the Dominican republic and well being famous for the relationship with gold digger Amara La Negra. Mueses is a well known entrepreneur on the platform, he has received a bachelor of Business Administration and Master degree in business management.

He has listed as the CEO of Soluciones Allan, which is a property title and it works on development of company as well as a property development company called Dream Big.

Allan Mueses Age

Allan Mueses birthday is not known but according to the reports as on 2023 he is 31 year old, and Allan Mueses nationality is American, he was born in the United States of America.

You cannot deny that Allan mueses is a self made man, and he does not need his girlfriend identification to become famous and popular. On deck get to know more on Allan mueses wiki facts along with updates on his age, height, weight , relationship and more.

Allan Mueses Family

Allan was born and raised in Santo Domingo Republic, allan mueses nationality is Dominican and Allan Mueses full name is Al Allan De Los Santos Mueses.

While Allan has featured both of his parent on his social media account, We have only updated the Allan Mueses mother detail, Allan Mueses mother name Marta Margarita Mueses, she went to Liceo Ramon Emilio Jimenez for her high school and at UASD for her college studies.

As per details Allen family members consist, he has three siblings, a sister and two brothers. Their names are Laura, Gary and Ruddy respectively.

Allan Mueses Career

Allan is well educated person, he has a master degree in business administration from Western Michigan University Hamworth College of Business.

If we focus on Allan job career he is a realtor and a CEO in investment service company, named SolucionesAllan. And also work at designation as a CEO at Dream Big Construction Company, a business that helps prospective owners build and find luxury homes.

Allan Mueses Personal Life

Allan is not only busy in his business and professional life but also he has busy personal life also, as the father of his two daughters already, Layla is the eldest daughter and Alanna his youngest daughter.

Both daughters regularly upload her Instagram page with many images and videos showing pair playing around together.

Amara La Negra Boyfriend

allen mueses first met allan amara la negra, when ther popular and famous singer and reality Tv star started taking some interest in real estate lane, We still don’t know that what is the exact date when they fell in love with each other, Allan first mentioned Amara on her instagram on April 2021, we cannot say they began love life relationship and romantic journey together at that moment as this post was strictly professional.

According to the reports they fell in love and dating each other as the filming of Love and Hip Hop : Miami Season 4 was done before August 2021.

After their new collaborations, in the year 2023 Allan company announced that they would be building and selling luxury apartments on the name of Amara Residences.

As we all know that allan mueses married previously relationship and he has two daughters also.

But there is problem to Amara mother from the relationship between Amara and Allan. When the sport trailer for LAHHM Season 4 came out viewers were clear that amara’s mother was not happy with her daughter relationship.

There are some doubts that amara la negra and allan mueses still together. In the show mama ana questioned about Amara life choices by counting the sacrifices she made for Amara she also made a beautiful career in music, influenced by her mother words Amara decided to leave Miami and got seprate from her boyfriend also, for taking care of her mom welfare. This caught Allan in surprised and Allan was very rude to Amara decison. After this Amara and Allan did not have any major role in their relationship aside from allan mueses and amara.

Allan Mueses Wife

allan mueses is married and has two daughters previously from her relationship between allan mueses and amara, allan mueses wife detail is not updated yet only the daughters details has been updated.

Allan Mueses Net Worth

Allan is one the succesful real estate investors, Allan has more adds net worth from his company earnings. No doubt Allen Mueses has been living luxurious life style.

According to the reports, there is not exact details has been updated, allan mueses net worth is estimated to $ 5 million dollar approximately.

Allan Mueses Instagram

Allan is very active on his instagram account, he has shared many photos and videos related to his family including his daughter and mother pics. He also used to shared his girlfriend and wife images on his instagram can also follow allan mueses instagram account – @allan600.

Allan has a passion for basketball which he often posts videos on his social media platform.

People Also Ask – Allan Mueses

What is the Allan Mueses Height ?

Allan Mueses Height is 5 feet 10 inches.

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